Discover Secrets To Unveiling The Real You and Reveal Your True Potential

Discover Secrets To Unveiling The Real You and Reveal Your True Potential

Tuesday 25th May, 8pm

Unlock the key to being the businessperson you want to be by becoming aware of the importance of self-acceptance to help you #GrowLikeAPro

In this session, delegates will find out how to change their inner dialogue and become more confident about revealing their authentic self in business. Mentor Bernie Allen will show you the way to becoming more confident on a daily basis from the inside out.

What you will learn:

  • Why you can’t keep wearing the mask forever
  • How being your authentic self will help you achieve your goals more quickly
  • Overcoming the obstacles to self-worth
  • Why creating and manifesting positive thought patterns can, and will, change your life
  • Ways to make more confident choices in your business
  • Why action must precede motivation
  • The secret to achieving self-acceptance

About Bernie:

Bernie Allen is a globally renowned business mentor and coach helping independent business owners unlock their true potential in business & life to develop a millionaire mindset for success.


If you would like to find out more about what you can do as a business leader or owner to keep on top of your game and not let challenges or situations change your direction contact Bernie Allen at or by emailing
Bernie Allen’s book How To Succeed In Business & Life is out now published by Excalibur Press and available from and

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