How to Succeed in Business & Life…What’s Holding You Back


How to Succeed in Business & Life…What’s Holding You Back

by Bernie Allen

The concept for this book was born on the stage at a convention that Bernie Allen had been asked to speak at.  During her talk, she spoke about the difficulties and challenges she came up against both in her personal and business life, and how she identified and overcame them.

When Bernie had finished her talk the audience response was overwhelming and ever event after that was the same response.  So by popular demand, Bernie decided to put it into this book and create her Camp Someday boot camps.

Bernie has interviewed hundreds of entrepreneurs, business owners, and thought leaders, to find out what either held or is holding them back.  Without fail they have all said they definitely at one stage or another did a spell in Camp Someday.

Perhaps your struggling to become the best version of you, and you just can’t put your finger on what’s holding you back, or maybe you just can’t get started in your business and you don’t know why, it’s possible it could be you have let circumstances and people influence you and maybe your decisions, or it could be, you’re stuck and don’t know why or how to get out of the rut you find yourself in. 

The book will help you identify where you have been and why you have been there, or where you are now and how you got there, and also help you to get where you want to go.

Even though this book has been written with business in mind many readers have said how much it has helped them not only in their business but in life, and how it has helped them grow their confidence.

So, here it is, How To Succeed In Business & Life. I truly hope you will get from it what I intended for you when I was writing it. 

A few golden nuggets to help you find your success.      

Enjoy, Bernie.

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