I’m Bernie, Online Self-Development and Business Mentor helping business owners overcome their fears and discover what’s holding them back in business and life to develop a fearless mindset for success.

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    Perhaps, you’re

    Fed up paying Thousands on another course that promises you the secrets to your challenges only to find it’s the same as the last course but delivered differently. 

    Maybe, you’re

    Leaving thousands on the table because of FEAR and you don’t have the confidence to ask for help. Perhaps you’re ready to go to the next level in your business but you don’t have the faith to take that leap.

    Possibly, you're

    Stopping your growth to becoming a 6 to 7 figure earner that you know you’re worth because your procrastinating and you know its time to step up.

    I have dedicated the pass 30 years of my life helping business owners like you reach their true potential “It’s what you deserve”  It’s your given right to be the best version of you, but you just need that little bit of help – push – knowledge –  “RIGHT”? Why I do what I do?

    I was that soldier!

    I was the juggler juggling time, money, effort, energy and drowning in a big pond not knowing who or where to turn to. I was overwhelmed with an abundance of information and left to work it out for myself. I feel your pain, but all is not lost

    “I’m here” 

    Here’s what my amazing clients say

    What I found all you need to get ahead is a step by step business strategy and someone to help and show you the way. I don’t claim to be your expert or guru, but I can teach you my step by step proven blueprint that I took to reach my business success.  Turning over millions in my businesses and helping others produce 6 to 7 figure incomes. My blueprint is a duplicable system for you to introduce into your plans.

    Book a free 30 min call with Bernie to discover what holds YOU back!

      Your Challenges!

      • Procrastinating in your business
      • Fear of failure
      • Fed up going it alone
      • Don’t know where to find help
      • Sick of too much information/online training that only give you generic answers
      • Struggling with lack of confidence
      • Admitting to yourself you need help

      No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow you progress, you are still way ahead of everyone who isn’t trying

      Tony Robbins

      The Solutions

      • I have the solutions how to stop you procrastinating and take back control
      • We overcome your fears to help you become unstuck, with proven techniques
      • I personally work with you on a 1 to 1 basis so you’re never alone
      • My mentoring is personally tailored to your specific challenges
      • I help you unleash your Inner Confidence with my thirty years experience & Skills
      • Every business owner needs a mentor no matter how big or small their business is

      Here’s what you don't get…

      • An online course to do by yourself
      • Put into a Facebook Group to learn from each other
      • Deadline to complete programs
      • Generic material
      • Hours of videos to watch
      • Don’t get assigned to other coaches

      Here's what you do get...

      • 1 to 1 with me personally to build your strategy’s
      • 1 to 1 with me personally to get all your tailored questions answered
      • No deadlines just Goal Achievements
      • All material tailored specifically to your end goal
      • Access to your own business accountability coordinator

      Now procrastination creeps in

      What if this doesn’t work?
      What if I invest and fail?
      What if I’m the one person Bernie can’t help?

      Did you know fear is the biggest liar?

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      Who is

      I can make this a reality for you!

      I’m just Bernie from a little town in Northern Ireland an ordinary girl living an entrepreneurial life style I help ordinary people achieve extraordinary results and earn incomes most people only dream of.

      My mission is to help business owners overcome their fears and discover what’s holding them back in business and life; to unleash their inner confidence and discover a fearless mindset for success.

      So, why me!


      • In Debt just under £100,000
      • Owning and losing two traditional businesses
      • Working in variety of different industries
      • One parent family at 21
      • Stressed about my future
      • Suffering from anxiety
      • Feeling I had nowhere to go


      • Financially secure
      • Debt Free / Stress Free
      • Building my business from a laptop, whilst travelling the world
      • Helping thousands of people create success in their businesses
      • Speaking on the stages of the world
      • Author of my first book How to Succeed In Business & Life “What’s Holding You Back”

      But most importantly 
      “I Own My Own Life”

      Here’s what my amazing clients say

      Tom Smyth

      Liz Deasy

      Jolien Van Daele

      Maleka – Netherlands

      I cannot thank Bernie & her program enough she is the best Coach I have ever worked with– She makes me feel I can do & concur anything. Since working with Bernie & her programmes I now see where I want to go and what I have to do to achieve it. Before I started working with her I only dreamt of this lifestyle, she helped me make it a reality.


      Bernie has an uncanny knack of finding out what holds people back – She has taken me from lacking in confidence to being a confident speaker/Coach I definitely wouldn’t have the growth in my business without her, Thanks Bernie who I can now also call my friend.


      Bernie is an amazing coach, she is a rare breed. Her mentorship has quadrupled my income and transformed my business, but more importantly my self-development is through the roof – I will never let go of her tail coat!


      Bernie brings out the best in me, she can see exactly what I need and where I want to go, then produces a plan to help me achieve it.


      I chose to work closely with Bernie to help me develop both my life and my business. It’s uncanny how she just knows what I need and provides the solutions in her programmes. I wouldn’t have such a successful business without her help support and knowledge.

      Trusted by

      "Whether looking for a mentor or a speaker, all of us want someone engaging, authentic and full of valuable insights.
      We want someone who understands where we are while challenging us to become all we can be, these people are not easy to find, but Bernie is one of them…in fact, she is one of the best.

      Having known Bernie for years, I have watched her speak, listened to her wisdom, and experienced her strength, depth and joy. While speaking with uncanny wit and humour, she also speaks with a wisdom that is rare and captivating."

      Tom Barrett

      How to Succeed
      In Business & Life

      "What’s Holding YOU Back"

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