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What’s holding your back?

Possible your saying…


…Could you be suffering from Excutis-Itis?

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    Your Challenges!

    • Procrastinating in your business
    • Fear of failure
    • Fed up going it alone
    • Don’t know where to find help
    • Sick of too much information/online training that only give you generic answers
    • Struggling with lack of confidence
    • Admitting to yourself you need help

    Don’t let you’re Challenges Pull you down…

    Let my Solutions pull you out…

    Your Solutions

    • I have the solutions how to stop you procrastinating and take back control
    • We overcome your fears to help you become unstuck, with proven techniques
    • I personally work with you on a 1 to 1 basis so you’re never alone
    • My mentoring is personally tailored to your specific challenges
    • I help you unleash your Inner Confidence with my thirty years experience & Skills
    • Every business owner needs a mentor no matter how big or small their business is

    I know how you're feeling…
    I felt the same way until I turned it all around

    You Can Too!

    Book a free 30 min call with Bernie to discover what holds YOU back!

      Maleka – Netherlands

      I cannot thank Bernie & her program enough she is the best Coach I have ever worked with– She makes me feel I can do & concur anything. Since working with Bernie & her programmes I now see where I want to go and what I have to do to achieve it. Before I started working with her I only dreamt of this lifestyle, she helped me make it a reality.

      My Amazing Clients

      They are
      No Different
      Than You..

      They Just Did It!!

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      12 Week Mentorship Program


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      Book a free 30 min call with Bernie to discover what holds YOU back!


        Bernie has an uncanny knack of finding out what holds people back – She has taken me from lacking in confidence to being a confident speaker/Coach I definitely wouldn’t have the growth in my business without her, Thanks Bernie who I can now also call my friend.


        Bernie is an amazing coach, she is a rare breed. Her no bullshit coaching has quadrupled my income and transformed my business, but more importantly my self-development is through the roof – I will never let go of her tail coat!

        Book a free 30 min call with Bernie to discover what holds YOU back!

          If you keep doing What you’re doing You’ll keep getting What you’re getting…

          But You Start Freaking Out

          • What if this doesn’t work?
          • What if I invest and fail?
          • What if I’m the one person Bernie can’t help?

          You know it's all bullshit, right? 
          You know fear is the biggest liar?


          Bernie brings out the best in me, she can see exactly what I need and where I want to go, then produces a plan to help me achieve it.


          I chose to work closely with Bernie to help me develop both my life and my business. It’s uncanny how she just knows what I need and provides the solutions in her programmes. I wouldn’t have such a successful business without her help support and knowledge.

          And Finally…

          Because of my 27 years of experience I have done a lot of the hard work for you.

          I understand your doubts, fears, & worries because I’ve been there maybe more than You will ever know, but I’m here to tell the tail.

          Don’t worry if you have doubts or inanition’s, every entrepreneur will tell you its
          Healthy to feel that way, its your seeds to your growth.

          I’m here to say to you, if I can help thousands of people become successful then why
          Not you?

          My honesty and sincerity has gained me the title of Business Mentor. I don’t mind my title because, If that’s what it takes to help my clients become unstuck then I embrace the title.

          To your success
          Your business mentor

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          Book a free 30 min call with Bernie to discover what holds YOU back!