Stuck In A Covid Rut? Here Are 7 Things Business Owners Can Do To Shift The Energy

Stuck In A Covid Rut? Here Are 7 Things Business Owners Can Do To Shift The Energy

Here are 7 things business owners can do to shift the energy:

1. Limit Social Media 

You don’t need to cut yourself totally off from Social Media, however if you can be disciplined enough to stay off it for just one hour per day for a week, at the end of the week you will have created seven extra hours to spend doing something much more productive. 

If you can incrementally increase this each week for the next three weeks to 1.5 hours, two hours and two hours again, by the end of week four you will have saved a total of 45.5 hours. What will you spend them doing?

2. Practice Gratitude 

One sure fire way to inject a little positivity into your day is to start practicing gratitude. Prioritise this as something you can’t go without each day by writing down ten things you are thankful for before you leave your bedroom in the morning. 

This will allow you to begin your day feeling great and will make sure that life doesn’t get in the way and you don’t forget about your gratitude. 

3. Control Your News Intake

We have all become news obsessed during the past year, consuming more news and views than ever before. However, in order to escape the ‘Covid rut’, I recommend that for four weeks you commit to watching the news just once daily. 

Don’t worry, if there is something you really need to know I am sure one of your friends or family will let you know!

4. Listen To Music 

Listening to happy music for just twenty minutes per day can have a significant impact on how you feel. Don’t just take my word for it, according to science, listening to happy music releases positive chemicals into your brain. Namely Dopamine, which is linked to both rewards and motivation, Oxytocin, which is linked to the pleasure hormone, Serotonin, which boosts your happiness and wellbeing and Endorphins which are a natural painkiller. 

5. Move More 

Moving more not only helps your body, but it stimulates your brain. It is a key element to problem solving and decision making, and by adding a walk or a run into your day, you can empower yourself to work things out and perform better in your business. 

6. Curtail Your Sugar Habit 

There is a reason that sugar is known as ‘legal Cocaine’. It is just as addictive as the drug only it is more of a silent killer. Many people associate the main downfall of a high sugar intake to be weight gain. 

However, it is also responsible for causing high cholesterol, diabetes and it even has links to depression. In fact, too much sugar can zap your energy and cause a dip in performance in your business. 

7. Boost Your Energy 

Finally, I wanted to talk about boosting your energy. If you want to escape the ‘Covid rut’ once and for all, the three best things you can do to boost your energy are to eat a balanced diet, focus on nutrition and exercise often.


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