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Perhaps, you’re fed up paying Thousands of pounds on another course that promises you the secret to your challenges, only to find it’s the same as the last course but delivered differently.
Maybe, you’re leaving thousands of pounds on the table because you don’t have the confidence to ask for help or possibly you’re ready to go to the next level in your business but don’t have the faith to take that leap and all of this is stopping your growth to becoming the leader you want to be.

Whether looking for a mentor or a speaker, all of us want someone who is engaging, authentic and full of valuable insights. We want someone who understands where we are while challenging us become all we can be. These people are not easy to find, but Bernie is one of them…in fact, she is one of the best. Having known her for years, I have watched her speak, listened to her wisdom, and experienced her strength, depth and joy. While speaking with uncanny wit and humor, she also speaks with a wisdom that is rare and captivating. 

- Dr. Tom Barrett, Ph.D.

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I attended Bernie’s event, I needed to break free from Fear, and doubt, and needed to find my own self-belief, confidence and get my passion back. Wow an incredible event with Bernie,  an absolutely beautiful lady who has inspired me and  opened my eyes,  and showed me how wonderful  my  life can be, if I only have the confidence, self-belief and  determination to make the change I need to.  So that I  can do anything and make my life wonderful. I would highly recommend this event  To everyone it is life changing…….

- Lynn Mc Kinley, shop proprietor

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Sunday 3rd November
10am – 4pm
Registration opens 9.30am

Clayton Hotel, Ormeau Aenue, Belfast.

Here's what you get at the one day academy...

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Bernie Allen

Bernie Allen is a celebrated motivational speaker who has inspired hundreds of thousands around the world through her seminars and private mentoring and is the founder of “Bernie’s Confidence Academy

As an entrepreneur for almost 26 years I am facing my own challenges and fears, Bernie is the best coach I ever had because she gave me a huge insight by showing me my biggest fear. The fear to really shine, I did not know this was even my problem I was making so many excuses not to really go for it but she didn’t let go until I really got it and changed it. Thanks to the perseverance of Bernie I now lead my business with purpose.

- Maleka Bent Jamaa

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