Bernie Allen

who IS

Bernie Allen

My life’s journey both personal and business, has had me ask myself that question many times, and also helped me know how important it is not just to say “I have no Confidence” but to find out what it is that you lack Confidence in.

Lack of Confidence In all areas of your life can be worked upon and strengthen to become a thing of the past…

As a keynote speaker it would look to people I have all the Confidence in the world, but it wasn’t always like that. I had to work on developing myself in lots of areas, both in my personal & business life. Areas such as …Self Worth, Self Awareness, Self Love, Forgiveness, Patience, Expressing yourself, Talking in front of people, presenting, Approaching people, selling and a lot more…

My personal journey from the age of 9 coming through many personal tragedies…. to leaving school at 16 years old…to being a one parent family at 20… to working in Many, Many, different jobs… to owning a couple of traditional businesses …to being in 1,000s and 1,000s of £s in debt.